Season 7 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (2024)

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Legends are made during the NBA Playoffs. Hit game-winning shots like Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray and add to your legacy during Season 7 of NBA 2K24.

Murray isn’t afraid of the big moment, in fact, he thrives in the postseason, delivering several career-defining moments under the bright lights. After suffering a season-ending injury in 2021 and missing the entirety of the 2021-2022 regular season, Murray returned to form in 2023, playing a pivotal role in helping the Nuggets hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy. For Season 7, gain inspiration from Murray’s late-game heroics in the NBA Playoffs to leave your indelible mark on the hardwood.


Season 7 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (1)

The NBA Playoffs are here and teams are battling for victory and the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy. In Season 7 of NBA 2K24, climb the rewards ladder to earn new exciting new gear for your MyPLAYER.

As you make your way to Level 40, here’s what you can expect to grab along the way:

  • Level 1 Season 7 Tee
  • Level 10 Graduation Cap
  • Level 20 Wearable Mascots
  • Level 25 Golden Locs Hairstyle
  • Level 30 Drone with Teleportation Technology
  • Level 32 Throwback Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose Banners
  • Level 35 Championship Belt
  • Level 36 Season 7 Suit
  • Level 39 Hydraulic Lowrider (New Gen) / Hoverboard (Current Gen)
  • Level 40 Gold Floor Setter (New Gen) / Extra Badge Point (Current Gen)

Season 7 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (2)

Cruise around The City in your Level 39 Hydraulic Lowrider or the Neighborhood in your Level 39 Hoverboard. Over the next six weeks, enjoy all of the exciting events and thrilling rewards Season 7 has in store. The City (New Gen) and The Neighborhood (Current Gen) have so much to offer and we encourage you to explore the competition-filled environments to earn XP and start climbing the Season rewards ladder. Wherever you’re playing, you won’t want to miss what is in store along with even more added content as we move through the 2024 NBA Playoffs!


Season 7 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (3)

Season 7 welcomes a new batch of MyTEAM cards for you to add to your ever-growing collection. This Season features a handful of modern-day NBA stars, sharp-shooting guards, and even an NBA legend.

Turn up the heat with the Level 1 Free Agent Jimmy Butler card and cook defenders with his impressive array of mid-range and low-post skills. The Miami Heat’s star forward is the heart and soul of their team—who’s to say he can’t be the driving force for your roster? Butler plays with tenacity on every possession and has plenty of experience in the clutch. Few players can match his competitive energy and he’s unfazed by confrontation. If you’re searching for a proven All-Star with a well-rounded game, look no further.

Whether you build around Butler or another one of your NBA stars, every lineup needs a player that can get hot and fill up the stat sheet. Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas has a knack for lacing 3s and erupting for 30 points a game. Insert the gifted offensive player into your lineup with the Level 10 Pink Diamond Cam Thomas card and reap the rewards.

One of the most underrated roles of a team is the enforcer and it’s rare that you’ll find one across the current NBA landscape. Reach Level 20 and you’ll receive the Galaxy Opal Dillon Brooks card, which should come in handy in any 3v3 or 5v5 format.

Before becoming an NBA Head Coach, Avery Johnson was a 16-year NBA veteran, playing for the San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Seattle Supersonics, Denver Nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, and Houston Rockets. After hanging up his sneakers, Johnson pursued a career in coaching and led the Dallas Mavericks to back-to-back 60-win seasons and a Western Conference Championship in 2006. Draw from his extensive knowledge and implement his strategy into your lineup with the Level 25 Pink Diamond Avery Johnson Coach card.

Bolster your wing depth with the Level 30 Galaxy Opal Jerami Grant card. The versatile forward is a reliable player on both ends of the court, and he’s averaged more than 20 points in three of the last four seasons. You can play him at small forward or power forward to create mismatches against opposing teams.

Jerry West, aka The Logo, is an NBA icon, literally and figuratively. The former Los Angeles Laker has been heavily involved in the league’s growth and history as a player, coach, and NBA executive. West holds the all-time single-season record for points averaged in the NBA Playoffs with an astonishing 40.6 points per game. Unleash the Hall of Famer’s scoring prowess with the Level 35 Dark Matter Jerry West card and run up the box score.

Season 7 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (4)

Last, but not least, the Season 7 Level 40 reward is Jamal Murray’s superstar teammate and MVP, Nikola Jokić. The Serbian big man can dissect any defense with his pinpoint passing, unlimited range beyond the arc, or wear a team down with his impressive rebounding capabilities. The Joker plays with an effortless demeanor and adds to his growing legacy with every triple-double. Impose your will with the Level 40 Dark Matter Nikola Jokić card and wish your opponents luck as they try to stop you.

As the NBA Playoffs progress, be on the lookout for more rewards to earn as players go off with big performances. Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding all of the MyTEAM happenings, and be sure to check out the MyTEAM Season Playbook page or follow us on social media for locker codes and other information.


The WNBA season has started with the star-power of rookies Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and other top college hoopers shining through. Channel the prowess of the WNBA in the W Online, with all new rewards coming in Season 7.

Weekly Goal

  • Jewell Lloyd Heroine Edition Jersey
  • Ability to Gift Boosts
  • Team Resilience Boosts
  • Team Extender Boosts
  • Helping Hands Boosts
  • Player Boosts

Season Rewards

  • MyTEAM Liberty Jersey Card
  • Kelsey Plum Jersey
  • Dawn Staley Historic T-shirt
  • Dawn Staley MyTEAM Coach Card
  • Jewell Lloyd All-Star Jersey

Keep up with the new WNBA season by earning rewards in Season 7.


Season 7 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (5)

Take your NBA 2K24 collection to new heights with even more rewards via the Season 7 Pro Pass.** The standard Season rewards ladder features 40 incredible items, but the Pro Pass unlocks an additional 40 levels featuring premium content, including the Premium Midnight Hydraulic Lowrider (New Gen) / Premium Hoverboard (Current Gen), Pro Pass Dark Matter Jamal Murray MyTEAM card, Pro Pass Dark Matter Nikola Jokic with Point Guard eligibility, up to 45,000 VC, Skill Boosts, and much more! Get the most out of Season 7 with Pro Pass.


Experience the Def Jam Recordings x NBA 2K24 album drop, including four new tracks released exclusively in the game!

  • “Moment” by 2 Chainz
  • “Pardon Us” by Wale
  • “Legacy” by Dave East
  • “FOLD” by SWAVAY
  • “Dolla” by Navy Blue
  • “Shoot” by Connie Diiamond
  • “Like That” by Genia
  • “My Time” by Haiti Babii
  • “Smells Like Revolution” by GOON DES GARCONS*
  • “Mutumbo” by SWAVAY
  • “Do It Like A Pro” by Kidd Kenn
  • “Crazy” by Connie Diiamond
  • “Stand Out” by Jex Nwalor


Want to share your thoughts on Season 6 of NBA 2K24? Click here and take our six-minute NBA 2K Community Survey to let us know what you’d like to see more of in the future! The survey will be available through May 20, 2024.


*The W Online mode and related content are available on New Gen only

**NBA 2K24 Season Pass FREE rewards require unlocking with gameplay. NBA 2K24 Pro Season Passes and Hall of Fame Passes are available for separate purchase and require base game, internet connection and NBA 2K Account. Paid premium Passes unlock additional rewards for the Season that are earnable through gameplay. Progress and rewards reset at the end of each Season. For more information on Season Pass, go to

Season 7 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (2024)
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